2018 Scholars

All places for study in London in 2018 have now been filled. The Trust will be seeking applications for placements in 2019 from November 2018 onwards. Further information and an application form are now available (Nov 2018) here.

The following students and scholars have been awarded places to study in London with the support of the Trust in 2018:

BELOHOUBKOVÁ, Dana, PhD student in Egyptology, Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, PRAGUE, Czech Republic: ‘Manifestation of the Pharaoh in Eighteenth Dynasty.’ 

CARIDDI, Ilaria, PhD student in Antiquities, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università Ca’ Foscari, VENICE, Italy: ‘Eloquent Silence. Socio-cultural perspectives on the value of silence in ancient Egyptian literature and autobiographies.’
Ilaria shares her thoughts on a ‘most productive, stimulating and enjoyable month in the Kensington house’ here.

DAMARANY, Ayman Mohamed, MA in Anthropology, Institute of African Studies and Research, CAIRO University, Egypt: ‘Comparison of human sacrifice in the customs, religious beliefs and royalty between Abydos and Nubia during the Archaic period (a cultural anthropological study).’
Award deferred to 2019.

EL-SEAIDY EL SAID, Mohammed Eied Masters student in Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Egyptology Department, MANSOURA University, Egypt: ‘The deities Shta, Shtat and their role in the ancient Egyptian religion.’
Award deferred to 2019.

FULINSKA Dr Agnieszka – PhD student in Greek and Roman Art, Jagiellonian University, KRAKOW, Poland: ‘Royal attributes and the public image of the Hellenistic rulers.’
Dr Agnieszka Fulińska reports on her visit here.

GONZÁLEZ, Luisa María García, PhD student in Heritage, Department of Anthropology, Geography and History, University of JAÉN, Spain: ‘The Egyptian provincial administration in the early Middle Kingdom from the historical study of the governor of the First Nome of Upper Egypt: the case of Sarenput Ist.
Luisa reflects on her stay here.

GREEN Ashleigh – PhD in Classics and Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, University of MELBOURNE, Australia: ‘Birds in Roman Life and Myth.’
Ash reports on her time in the UK here.

HASSAN Ahmed Ali, Fatma, PhD student in Egyptology, Faculty of Archaeology, CAIRO University, Egypt: ‘The festival and ritual Practices in Gebel el-Silsilah until the end of the New Kingdom.

JONES Christopher – PhD in History, Department of History, Colombia University, NEW YORK, U S A: ‘Power and Elite Competition in the Neo-Assyrian Empire, 745-612 B.C.’
Christopher remembers his stay in Highgate, here.

JOVANCIC Nemanja – MA student in English Language and Literature, English Language and Literature Department, Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of KRAGUJEVAC, Serbia: ‘Paradise Lost: Politics and Warfare, Earthly and Heavenly.’
Nemanja reports on his time in London here.

KAPIEC, Katarzyna (Kasia), PhD student in Egyptology, Faculty of History, WARSAW University, Poland: ‘The Southern Room of Amun in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari – Its Decoration and Ritual Function.’
Kasia reflects on her experiences here.

KESHK, Fatma Mahmoud Mohamed, PhD student in Egyptology, Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, Free University of BERLIN, Germany: ‘Layout and functions of open spaces in Egyptian settlement sites from the Predynastic Period until the end of the Middle Kingdom Period: archaeological and ethnographic approach.’
Award not taken up.

KOLEVA Dr Zhana Zhelyazkova – Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Law, Faculty of Law, Paisii Hilendarski University of PLOVDIV, Bulgaria: ‘Abuse of Rights, Interests and Trust by Commercial Transactions.’
Dr Koleva recounts her experiences here

MAGDI Eid Youssef, Shaimaa, PhD student in Egyptology, Egyptology Department, Faculty of Archaeology CAIRO University, Egypt: ‘Egypt Conservation, restoration and excavation at the Tomb of Paser TT367 at the necropolis of Sheikh Abdel Qurna at Thebes.’

MISCICKI Dr Laurence – PhD student in Polish literature, Jagiellonian University, KRAKOW, Poland: ‘Between art and trauma: “Black Torrent” by Leopold Buczkowski. A cultural landscape of post-war Polish borderland literature as seen from outsiders’ perspective.’
Read more about Laurence’s experiences here.

MONTES Moya, Dr Eva Maria, Researcher in Archaeobotany (Carpology), University Research Institute for Iberian Archaeology, University of JAÉN, Spain: ‘Fruits, seeds and organic artefacts discovered by the Qubbet el-Hawa Mission to Aswan, Egypt.’

PETROVIC Jelena – MA student in English Language and Literature, English Language and Literature Department, Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of KRAGUJEVAC, Serbia: ‘The semantics/pragmatics interface in the translation of David Lodge’s “Changing Places.’
Jelena recalls her experiences in London here.

SHAHROKHI Anahita – PhD Student in Archaeology, University of Warsaw, WARSAW, Poland: ‘Islamic Art and Architecture in North Caucasus (Case Study Ancient city of Derbent in Dagestan Republic)’.
Read more about Anahita’s experiences here.

SMITH, Danielle Maree, Masters (Research) student in Egyptology, Department of Ancient History, Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University, SYDNEY, Australia: ‘Exploring the Relationship Between Content and Placement: A Case Study on the Coffin Set of Meruah.’
Read more about Danielle’s experiences here.

TOPUZOV Dr Dimitar – Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Law, Faculty of Law, Paisii Hilendarski University of PLOVDIV, Bulgaria: ‘Perspectives for development and harmonization of the Bulgarian legal regulation of relations between spouses with the national legal systems of the Western European countries.’
Dr Topuzov’s thoughts on his visit are here.

WAGNER Dr Katarzyna – PhD student in History, University of WARSAW, Poland: ‘Townspeople and taxes. Wealth inequalities in selected cities of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 17th century.’.
Dr Wagner’s report on her experiences is here.

YARMOLOVICH, Victoria, Department for Global History, Institute for the Humanities and Management, MOSCOW State University, Russia: ‘Ancient Egyptian Fineware Pottery from Memphis as evidence for history of Egypt during the Late and Ptolemaic Periods.’
Victoria shares her thoughts on her time in London, here.