2019 Visiting Scholars

All places for study in London in 2019 have now been filled. The Trust will be seeking applications for placements in 2020 from autumn 2019 onwards. Further information and an application form will be posted to this page in due course.

The following students and scholars have been awarded places to study in London with the support of the Trust in 2019:

ANTONATOS, Dr Pavlos, Curator in the Department of the Egyptian Collection of the National Museum at ATHENS: ‘Coptic textiles: Unique and original Coptic textile parcels from the darkness of the private collector’s wood cases, to the light of scientific research.’ Dr Antonatos reflects on his experiences in London here.

ALARCÓN ROBLEDO, Sergio, PhD in Egyptology, University of California LOS ANGELES (UCLA), USA: ‘The Earliest Developments of Monumental Architecture: Early Dynastic Saqqara.’
Sergio describes his visit to London, here.

ARRANZ CÁRCAMO, Marta, Predoctoral research, Autonomous University of MADRID, Spain: ‘Ophidic iconography in ancient Egypt: the case of the serpent goddesses during the New Kingdom.’
Marta remembers a very rewarding and productive month, here.

BACIĆ, Milica, MA in English Language and Literature, University of KRAGUJEVAC, Serbia: ‘Eugene O’Neill’s Autobiographical Plays.’
Milica remembers her visit here.

BELAN, Mikhail, DPhil in History, OXFORD University: ‘British bankers and Russian society in the 17th century.’
Mikhail describes the very useful month he spent in London, here.

CORA, Dominika, PhD in History of Art, Jagiellonian University in CRACOW, Poland: ‘Reception of 18th century English prints in Europe – genesis and problematic aspects.’
Dominika remembers a very productive month spent visiting numerous institutions, here.

DAMARANY, Ayman, MA in Anthropology, CAIRO University, Egypt: ‘Comparison of human sacrifice in the customs, religious beliefs and royalty between Abydos and Nubia during the Archaic period (a cultural anthropological study).’
Award not taken up.

DE LA TORRE ROBLES, Yolanda, PhD in Heritage, University of JAÉN, Spain: ‘Las reutilización de los espacios funerarios de la tumba QH33 durante el Reino Nuevo y la Baja Época.’

EID, Ali Hassan Hassan, PhD in Egyptology, Freie Universität BERLIN, Germany: ‘The Political Situation in Egypt during the XIIIth Dynasty.’
Ali remembers a very fruitful visit, here.

EL SEAIDY, Mohamed, MA in Egyptology, MANSOURA University, Egypt: ‘The deities Shta, Shtat and their role in the ancient Egyptian religion.’ Award not taken up.

EMAM, Mahmoud, PhD in Nubian Archaeology, CAIRO University, Egypt: ‘Meroitic and Post-Meroitic amulets from the third century BC to the sixth century AD.’
Emam remembers a very productive visit here.

FARAH, Mai, PhD in Egyptology, CAIRO University, Egypt: ‘The Tomb of HekamaatRe- Nakht (Turo) (TT 222), Qurnet Murai, Luxor.’
Mai recalls her month with us here.

GARCÍA GONZÁLEZ, Luisa María, PhD in Heritage, University of JAÉN, Spain: ‘The Egyptian provincial administration in the early Middle Kingdom from the historical study of the governor of the First Nome of Upper Egypt: the case of Sarenput Ist.’
Luisa remembers her second visit to London with the Trust’s support, here.

KACZANOWICZ, Marta, PhD in Archaeology, Adam Mickiewicz University, POZNAŃ, Poland: ‘Old Tombs, New Tenants. Late Dynastic Reuse of Theban Tombs (1069-332 BCE).’
Marta describes her experiences here.

KAPIEC, Katarzyna, PhD in Egyptology, WARSAW University, Poland: ‘The Southern Room of Amun in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari – Its Decoration and Ritual Function.’ Kasia recalls her second visit to London with the Trust here.

KARIC, Milica, PhD in Philology, University of KRAGUJEVAC, Serbia: ‘Fictionalization of the Holocaust in the Novels by Jerzy Kosinski, Jane Yolen and D. M. Thomas.’
Milica describes here experiences here.

KUTIEV, Hristo, Attorney at Law, SOFIA Bar Association, Bulgaria: ‘Preparatory Actions for the Criminal Case to be Reviewed in Court.’
Hristo recalls his experiences in London here.

KUŹMIŃSKI, Michał, MA in Archaeology, University of WARSAW, Poland: ‘Provenance, dating and iconography of the collection of the engraved glass gems in the National Museum in Warsaw.’
Michal’s recollections are here.

MAMDOUH, Sayed, PhD in Egyptology, SOHAG University, Egypt: ‘Publishing a Re-discovered Tomb in Qurnet Marei: TT 382 (Usermontu).’ Award postponed to 2020.

MASSOUD HASSAN MOHAMMED, Ahmed, MA in Egyptology, University of ASYUT, Egypt: ‘The Necropolis Surrounding the Mausoleum of Agha Khan: Archaeological and Architectural Studies.’

MITRAKHOVICH, Stanislav, MA in Political Science, Russian State University for the Humanities, MOSCOW: ‘EU-Russia relations in the context of party politics.’
Stas recalls his time in London, here.

MOHAMED, Osama, Special Diploma, ASWAN University, Egypt: ‘The Book of the Dead Papyri from the Tomb of User (QHN 2).’ Award postponed to 2020.

PAVLEVCHEV, Nikolay, PhD in Civil and Family Law, PLOVDIV University, Bulgaria: ‘Termination of debtor’s participation in commercial companies due to insolvency.’
Nikolay’s thoughts on his visit are here.

SAMOILENKO, Yuliia, PhD in History and Archaeology, ZAPORIZHZHIA National University, Ukraine: ‘The Foreign Policy of Montenegro in The Context of Geopolitical Transformations in The Balkans (2006-2017).’
Yuliia remembers what became a crucially important month for her, here.

In addition the Trust will be hosting two visiting students of the Royal Drawing School during November 2019. Details tbc.

Testimonials from students visiting the Trust in previous years are available here.