2023 Visiting Scholars

The following students and scholars have been awarded places to carry out their research in London with the support of the Trust in 2023:

ABDEL KADER, Hesham Ahmed Mohamed, Inspector of Antiquities, Tell el-Amarna Inspectorate, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities; PhD student, Ain-Shams University, EGYPT: ‘The Baths and water management at Hermopolis Magna in the Roman Period (27 B.C. – 641 A.D.)’.

ABDELLATIF, Hasnaa, Lecturer, Egyptology Department, Fayoum University, EGYPT: ‘The Early Demotic Papyri from Illahun’.

ABDELMAKSOUD, Yasser, Inspector of Underwater Archaeology in the Red Sea Sohag, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, EGYPT: ‘The shrine of Neb Hepet Ra Montuhotep II at Abydos’.

AMER Mohamed, Osama, Inspector of Antiquities, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, EGYPT: “Book of the Dead Papyri” – “Pan-Grave Culture”. Second visit.

CEGLINSKI, Arkadiusz, PhD student, Reception of antique, European 18th century residences, classical archaeology, University of Warsaw, POLAND: ‘The beginning of archaeology and inspirations from the ancient world. Formation of Warsaw landscape residences in the second half of the 18th century’.

CORA, Dominika, MA student, Jagiellonian University, POLAND: ‘Mezzotint in selected Eighteenth-century artistic environments in Italy, France and Russia – genesis, models of expansion and reception’. Second visit.

ATTA Derbala, Ahmed, Lecturer in Archaeology, Minia University, EGYPT: ‘Mud-Straw Coffins in Roman Egypt’.

DOYON, Wendy, CAORC-ECA Postdoctoral Research Fellow, American Research Center in Egypt, Cairo, EGYPT: ‘Empire of Dust: Egyptian Archaeology and Archaeological Labor in Nineteenth-Century Egypt’.

DUNAJKO, Monika, PhD student, Classical Archeology, University of Warsaw, POLAND: ‘Warsaw classical archeology and plaster casts of ancient works. Reconstruction of the collection of the University of Warsaw’.

ELFIKY, Hend, Lecturer in Ancient History and Archaeology, Cairo University, EGYPT: ‘Religious and Artistic Features of Kushite Royal Princesses’ Coffins: Three unpublished Coffins from Torino Museum’.

ELNAGAR, Warda, PhD student, Egyptology, University of Montpellier, FRANCE: ‘Recherches Archéologiques à Tell Dafana dans le cadre du Projet National du 30 Juin <<Les éléments architecturaux et les mobiliers céramique>>’.

ELNAGGAR, Amany, Curator, Egyptian Museum, Cairo; PhD student, Archaeology, Ain Shams University, EGYPT: ‘The Pottery Discovered in The Thary Cemetery at South of the Giza Plateau: A Comparative analytical Study’.

FABREGAT, Jaume Vilaro, PhD student, Egyptology, Scuola Superiore Meridionale, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, ITALY: ‘Non-stola yellow coffins of the Twenty-First Dynasty: Identification of models, workshops and individual craftspeople’.

FAWZY, Amira, Archaeologist, Karnak Temples, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities; Postdoc, Department of Egyptology, South Valley University, EGYPT: ‘Study and Publication of the Artifacts from The Excavation in front of the first pylon at Karnak Temples’.

KACZANOWICZ, Marta, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, POLAND: ‘Royal women in Late Period Egypt (ca. 747–332 BCE)’. Second visit.

KHALIL, Heba, Curator, Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt; PhD student, Egyptology, LMU, GERMANY: ‘A new concise study of clay moulds producing minor arts based on an unpublished collection in the Egyptian museum in the Egyptian museum in Cairo’.

KUZMINSKI, Michal, PhD student, Archaeology, University of Warsaw, POLAND: ‘The Roman Forum at the turn of Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages. Transformations of the public space’ Second visit.

LECHUGA IBÁÑEZ, Cristina, PhD student, Egyptology, University of Jaén, SPAIN: ‘Studying and contextualizing the Offering trays from Qubbet el-Hawa’. Second visit.

MAHFOUZ, Ali, Director of Mansoura Storage Museum, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities; PhD student, Egyptology, Mansoura University, EGYPT: ‘A Study of Five Unpublished Coffins in the Grand Egyptian Museum’.

MARTYNENKO, Mikhail, PhD student, Polish history, memory studies, University of Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIAN FEDERATION: ‘Historical politics of the Polish People’s Republic in the 1980s: mnemonic transformations’.

PRAET, Maarten, PhD student, Egyptian Art and Archaeology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA: ‘The Reign of Mentuhotep II Reconsidered’.

RADOSAVLJEVIC KRSMANOVIC, Anica, Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac, SERBIA: ‘Individual differences in the process of foreign language learning’.

RIZKALLA, Shenouda Fahim Youssef, Inspector of Antiquities, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, EGYPT: ‘Cultural Heritage in the local communities of Egypt: Developing a mission statement for the Akhenaton Museum in el-Minya.’ Second visit.

SEADA, Noura, Assistant Lecturer in the Tourism Guidance and Egyptology Department, 6 October University; PhD student, Egyptology, Helwan University, EGYPT: ‘Child burials in Ancient Egypt’.

SUBANOVIC, Katarina, PhD student, Linguistics, University of Kragujevac, SERBIA: ‘The interrelationship between lexical and grammatical aspects on the example of ingressiveness in English and Serbian’.

SUVERINA, Ekaterina, Postdoc, National Research Institute, Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION: ‘A Genealogy of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Neo-Empirical Biopolitics in the Late USSR and Contemporary Russia’.

WOOD, Rachel, PhD student, Archaeology/Glass Studies, University of California, USA: ‘Divergence in Decoration: Opaque Red Glass Production in Europe from the Late Iron Age to Early Roman Empire’.

A list of students and scholars who visited the Trust in previous years, with testimonials, is available here.