Agnieszka Fulińska

Dr Agnieszka Fulińska stayed at the Trust’s Highgate house during June 2018.

During my stay in London in June 2018, with the support from the Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust, I managed to gather a substantial portion of bibliographic material which was essential for my project on the ‘heroization’ of 19th century rulers and military leaders in classical costume. Since, in the period between sending the application and my stay in London, I was commissioned to write a chapter on the modern reception of classical male nudity in the Brill Companion to the Reception of Ancient Greek and Roman Sexuality (ed. K. Moore, publication expected 2020), the research conducted turned out to be of even greater importance for my academic plans than I had expected. For this part of the research I mostly worked in the libraries of the Warburg Institute and Institute of Classical Studies, as well as in the British Library.

In addition I made an initial survey of British resources relating to another project, directly connected to the primary one, which I would like to carry out in the near future, which concerns the classical motifs in the commemoration of military glory in the Napoleonic and post-1815 periods in Europe. In the British Library and the Institute of Historical Research I studied publications on the topic of British monuments, propaganda of the time. I also undertook some preliminary research in the National Archives, on the commissions and reception of such monuments. In the British Museum Prints and Drawings department I studied engravings and lithographs related to the topic.

In some aspects of the planned research I only managed to make preliminary enquiries, with which I will continue during future visits to London. This was partly due to a health condition (severe spine problems), and partly to the fact that some resources turned out to be more ample than they had appeared to be, and I decided to concentrate on the two topics described above in order to write the commissioned paper in the first place.