UPDATE October 2020: Owing to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak the Trust’s programme of visitors for 2020 was suspended in April. In light of the current uncertainty and continuing risk of the spread of infection, the programme has now been postponed in its entirety until 2021. All candidates who were awarded places to visit us in 2020 (see the list here) have been offered alternative dates next year. For this reason there will be no applications process this year and all places for 2021 should be considered filled. The Trust will invite applications in autumn next year for visits to London in 2022.

The Trust recognises that visits may remain impossible in 2021, and the programme will remain suspended until visitors from overseas can safely be accommodated without any risk to the health of the Trust’s staff and the permanent residents at its two London houses, or to the visitors themselves. We are nonetheless hopeful that it will be possible to resume the programme in the Spring and in any case will continue to keep prospective visitors informed of developments.

New ways of supporting students in 2020

Meanwhile the Trust has found a series of alternative ways of providing support to students in 2020. For news of a new resident musician at Hornton Street, a special award to be made in partnership with the Royal College of Music, a grant for our Resident Music Student, and a series of ‘book grants’ for those who were unable to visit us this year, please see here.

Previous news

A newsletter summarising recent activities was produced in June 2019 and is available here.

Short announcements, photographs etc. are also posted to the Trust’s accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.