Ali Hassan Eid

I was very lucky to be selected by the Robert Anderson Trust for a one-month scholarship in London. Yes, it was a short time to explore, inquire, watch, and learn more, but it was a very fruitful period.  Between the Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan at the British Museum, the Petrie Museum, and of course, the UCL Institute of Archeology (IoA), I achieved a lot.

Ali outside the British Museum

Living together with very friendly people in one of the most elegant districts of London in Kensington added greatly to my stay in London. I visited many museums and historical spots in London, which witnessed many influential events in the modern history of the world. The majority of these thirty days took place during the month of Ramadan. In spite of this, I spent very spiritual days with the daily collective Iftar at the London Central Mosque.

I would like to present my gratitude and thankfulness to everyone who facilitated my visit to London, Dr. Chris Naunton, the Director of the Trust, Prof. Dr. Stephen Quirk of UCL for his guidance, curators of the British Museum and Petrie Museum, and Librarians of the British Museum and UCL for their help.

Finally, I would like to quote the words of Nelson Mandela in his description of London, which I watched at the Museum of London “ There is no city like London. It is a wonderfully diverse and open city providing a home to hundreds of different nationalities from all over the world. I can’t think of a better place than London to hold an event that unites the world.”