Anahita Shahrokhi

Anahita spent one month living in London with support of the Trust in April 2018.

“I was honoured to receive a place at the Highgate House and I am grateful for the opportunities it provided me.

I am a PhD candidate at the Institute of Archeology at the University of Warsaw. My main focus is on Islamic Art and Architecture in Caucasus.”

IMG_4762 ED

Anahita with Howard Davies, Trust Coordinator, at Kenwood House, an historic property close to the Trust’s own house in Highgate where Anahita was accommodated during April 2018

“During my stay in London due to my research topic and my PhD dissertation I chose different libraries and centres to finalise and complete my thesis. The British Library was the place where I started my work. With the great help of Mr Howard Davies I have registered there to study the great books, manuscripts and journals for my research. As my main focus is on Islamic Art and Architecture The V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) was the most important place for my purposes. At the V&A museum I had access to the different Islamic objects and very rich Library of National Art.”


At the Victoria and Albert Museum (left) and Department of Rare Books at the British Library

“During my stay I had several great talks and interviews with Islamic Art specialists at the Ismaili Centre and Courtauld Institute of Art. These talks helped to improve and organise my dissertation and gave me more ideas on how to expand my subject. In addition, I tried to use this opportunity to participate at SOAS’s academic talks and used the great library and bookshop at University of London.

Without a doubt, the Trust will play a key role in achieving my educational goals. Now I have more data and ideas as to how to finalise my dissertation.

You have named this Trust in honour of Dr. Robert Anderson. I hope that through my research and then publishing my book I could make a tribute to him.

Thank you for your great support and help during my stay.”