Application Form – guidance on completing section 5

The following brief guidance is intended to help applicants to answer the questions in section 5 of the application form which deals with ‘Your proposed visit to London’.

Question: “Which months during 2023 would be suitable for your visit?”


The Trust aims to accommodate approximately twenty students each year, between the months of April and November. We can only accommodate three to four at a time however and we are generally busiest in June, July and August. Applicants are therefore advised to be as flexible as possible in their availability, and to include months earlier or later than June, July and August if possible. While we endeavour to select the candidates who have provided the best applications, availability is also a very important factor; candidates who are available in April, May, and September, October and November, stand a better chance of gaining a place than those who are only available in June, July and August.

Question: “Please describe the research you intend to undertake in London. Include details of any academic institutions or colleagues you intend to visit, conference or other events you would like to attend, or collections you intend to study etc.”


The awards made by the Trust are for academic research.

You will need to be able to show that you will be pursuing an interesting and worthy research project while you are in London.

The awards are not for vocational experience, or as a general introduction to London’s academic and cultural institutions.

While other activities are of course permitted, our expectation is that the successful candidates will spend most of their time in London pursuing their research.

One month is not a very long time, so you will need to have prepared very well for what you are going to do.

If you cannot give specific details of your plans you are unlikely to be granted an award.

Please be as specific as you can: successful candidates will have a very clear idea about what they will be doing in London. Where relevant, you should give consideration to, and should include details such as the following:

  • examples of the literature – which books and articles – you will consult;
  • examples of the original documents, museum objects or archives you will study;
  • any colleagues you will meet and/or collaborate with;
  • any events you might participate in or attend.

Successful candidates have often already contacted the relevant libraries, museums or colleagues to make provisional arrangements. If you have not made these contacts please consider doing so before submitting your application – your case will be much stronger if you have already made such arrangements.

Question: “Why do you need to visit London for your research? What would you NOT be able to achieve if you were unable to spend time in London?”


You will also need to persuade us that a visit to London will make a significant difference to your research, i.e. that you will be able to achieve something by coming to London that you could not achieve otherwise.

Question: “Where would you like to be in five years’ time? How will the research you plan to undertake in London help you in your aims?”


We are interested in applicants who, with the right support, will develop successful careers in the future. We are interested to know what your ambitions are, and how the research you plan to undertake in London will help you to achieve your aims. These aims should be realistic, but do not be afraid to be ambitious! Our main concern is to know that you have given some thought to how your time in London might help you to shape your future.

We look forward to reading your application.


Should you have any questions about the application process please contact the Trust via the form here.