Cristina Lechuga Ibáñez

Cristina visited in September 2022 to work on her PhD thesis on ‘‘Offering trays from Qubbet el-Hawa, Egypt’ and stayed at the Trust’s Kensington house.

Cristina in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

I want to thank The Robert Anderson Trust and especially to Dr Chris Naunton for the opportunity to visit London and to spend time in the British Museum and Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. It allowed to me to study the objects that are the focus of my research in person, and in so doing to see certain details that would be impossible to see through photos. In this way, the Trust has made a very useful and important contribution to my research.

Cristina (third from left) with Yolanda de la Torre Robles – another of our 2022 visitors – (fourth from left), Trust Director Dr Chris Naunton (second from right), and a group of visitors from the Egypt Exploration Society in the music room at Hornton Street.