Danielle Smith

Danielle spent one month living at the Trust’s Kensington house in June 2018.

DSC_0478 ED

Danielle in the library of the Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan, British Museum

“My time spent in London with the Robert Anderson Trust has allowed me to do things I never thought possible. I had the opportunity to view coffins in the British Museum and also at Eton college which have not yet been published. Having access to these resources has allowed me to expand my research and delve deeper into the coffins of the 21st dynasty. A large amount of my time was spent in the British Museum Egyptology library. The library offered me resources that I do not normally have access to and I have been able to follow lines of inquiry that I didn’t know existed. Not only did I have access to such amazing resources, but I also had the opportunities to meet some of the leading scholars in the field who also helped further my research. My passion for Egyptology has grown through this experience, as has my determination for succeeding in this field. I would definitely recommend the Robert Anderson Trust to any scholar looking to further their research.”