Diana Mroczek

Diana visited in 2022 to work on a project entitled ‘Classical Sculpture in UK Collections: A typological study’ and stayed at the Trust’s Highgate house. She sent the report below in the form of a letter addressed to the Trust’s Co-ordinator, Howard Davies.

I would want to extend my gratitude to you once more for the opportunity to take part in the programme. I have spent my time in London busily, spending most days in libraries of UCL and, my new favourite, the National Art Library amongst others. The Trust has enabled me to build vital connections, most notably with detective constable Sophie Hayes, a member of the Art Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police. As a person who is currently conducting extensive research into the illegal antiquities trade, the illegal sourcing of archaeological artefacts, and other crimes against archaeological heritage in Poland and Eastern Europe, I have received some invaluable expertise from Dr. Sophie Vigneron and Professor David Gill, as well as Mark Harrison, who is the head of Heritage Crime Strategy, Policy and Evidence Group in Historic England. The innovative and unequalled project that is the Portable Antiquities Scheme has been a topic of conversation and research that has proven to be especially fascinating. The opportunity to discuss aspects of my research, in this case particularities of the policies and regulations of the United Kingdom, face to face was extremely helpful and has given me a significant amount of insight into the subject matter. The reading material that I have accumulated, in addition to the case studies that some of my new colleagues have offered, will be of tremendous assistance to me in my academic pursuits.

Again, I want to express how thankful I am to the Trust for providing me with this incredible opportunity; if you could, please convey my gratitude to the Director and the Trustees.