Dr Dimitar Topuzov

Dr Dimitar Topuzov stayed at the Trust’s house in Highgate during August 2018.


Dr Topuzov at the Library of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Bloomsbury, August 2018

“With this letter I would like to express my gratitude to the Trust for the opportunity to have a second research stay in London. This visit was even more useful and fruitful than my previous one (in 2017). During my stay, I found and explored some very interesting new resources relating to both continental and common law legal systems. With over 300 000 legal texts and online databases constantly updating, the library of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is a real treasure for every legal scholar. Without the support provided to me by the Trust, I wouldn’t have been able to do my research in such an amazing place. There I had the chance to meet some foreign scholars. The conversations I had with them affected in a progressive way my viewpoint on many questions.

The resources I explored have allowed me to understand modern European trends in the regulation of family relations between spouses during the marriage and the consequences of its dissolution in the case of divorce or death of one of the partners. I have been working on this topic for several years but thanks to my second research stay in London I have had the chance to gather all the literature I need to finish this study.

My stay in London was not only extremely useful but very pleasant as well. The close communication with Mr Howard Davies gave me a unique chance to learn a lot about British history, culture and the educational system.

I would recommend The Robert Anderson Charitable Trust to every motivated young scholar interested in undertaking research abroad.”


Dr Topuzov on a study visit to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in Parliament Square, August 2018