Jelena Petrovic

Jelena Petrovic spent the month of September 2018 based at the Trust’s house in Highgate.

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I would like to express my appreciation to the Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust for supporting me and my work. Thanks to the RARCT I spent a couple of weeks in London gathering material for a thesis I’m currently working on. As a post-MA researcher I am working on a paper -“The Relevance of Othello: Images of colonialism and racism”, which I intend to present at a language conference, and which will hopefully bring me one step closer to my PhD studies.

Since I’m trying to incorporate a cognitive pragmatic theory to the interpretation of the literary work, I spent most of the time at the British library where I was able to find many sources (both, pragmatics and literature-related) and a lot of information crucial for the paper. Moreover, I utterly enjoyed visiting remarkable museums and galleries as well as theatres all over London. The British Museum and National Gallery contain exceptional Renaissance masterpieces that I meticulously observed.

I would also like to express special gratitude to the Trust’s coordinator Dr Howard Davies for his hospitality and assistance.

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Jelena at the Trust’s house in Highgate