Karolina Bagdonė

Karolina visited in May 2022 to work on her PhD thesis on ‘Lithuanian Poetry and its Relation to 20th-century Western Literature’ and stayed at the Trust’s highgate house.

I undertook a research visit to London from 2 to 31 May 2022. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to complete the trip that was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and which I had started in March 2020. During this visit, I spent a lot of time at the British Library and the library of University College London (both institutions have comparative studies collections which are important for my thesis), successfully wrote a theoretical draft and an introduction, a research paper in English which has been accepted for publication in 2023 in the Estonian Comparative Literature Journal Interlitteraria. I met Professor Dr Pamela Davidson from UCL, as well as a lecturer at the University of Venice, Dr Ilaria Sicari, and participated in the “Grounding World Literature” workshop organised by the University of London.

The knowledge and experience gained during the visit will help me in my future career, as I will start working as a young researcher at the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore in September 2022.

It was a very productive, useful and interesting visit! I gained both academic knowledge and insight into London, its culture and surroundings. Thank you for the opportunity and the warm welcome!