Luisa M. García González

I consider myself very fortunate to be was awarded with the scholarship from the Robert Anderson Trust for a second time. This allowed me to spend another valuable and productive month in London, a city which obviously offers a good number of first-class Egyptological institutions and events.

IMG_20190624_115025 FOR COMPOSITE
Luisa in the library of the Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan at the British Museum

This time there were two different strands to the research I carried out. First, I spent most of the time at the Library of the Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan at the British Museum, as well as the Library of the Institute of Archaeology of the University College of London, which are situated very close to one another. My bibliographical research was mainly focused on the progress of my thesis and other forthcoming publications. Second, I arranged several appointments with different specialists in my field of research in order to discuss some questions and hypothesis, specialists such as Dr Marcel Marée, who kindly offered me his time to share ideas. I think that this kind of meetings is fundamentally important when research is in progress, since it can provide a much broader view of the issue.

Of course, beside the mandatory visit to Egyptian collections from the British Museum and the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, I also visited the great collections of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. In addition, I attended several interesting lectures during my stay in London, giving me the chance to get to know the current work of other scholars.

Finally, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Circulating Artefacts Project of the British Museum as a part-time volunteer. That experience made me more aware of Archaeological Heritage in relation to the problem of looting and illegal antique collectors.

In conclusion, I have to say that the Robert Anderson Charitable Trust with its director, Dr Christopher Naunton, is doing a great work giving to junior researchers the chance of traveling and meeting other scholar atmospheres out of their countries, as London is a great city in which to carry out research. Lastly, I would not like to leave out all the others living in the Kensington house because my stay has always been easier thanks to their hospitality.

I strongly encourage all the young researchers to apply to the Trust as the experience is extremely valuable.