Luisa M. García González

Luisa González spent the month of October 2018 staying at the Trust’s Kensington house.

I would like to thank the Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust for the opportunity given to me. As a member of the Qubbet el-Hawa Project from the University of Jaén (Spain), my research is focused on the materials found in the archaeological excavations in one Middle Kingdom tomb and their historical context. For this, I made the most of my stay in London by arranging several appointments to study objects from the British Museum and the Petrie Museum. I spent the rest of the days in the library of the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, where a very comprehensive bibliographical collection is available to researchers. In addition, I attended several egyptological events, such as conferences and seminars.

In general, I think that the Robert Anderson Trust is doing a superb job funding the accomodation and the transport, two of the most expensive daily cost in London. It was a pleasure to have spent a really comfortable month in the Kensington House together with its residents – they were all lovely with me.

IMG_3631 ED

Luisa (left) enjoying an evening off with Suzanna and Chris from the Kensington house

Again, I am very grateful with the help and support.