Mai Farah

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Mai in front of a colossal statue of Ramesses II in the British Museum, July 2019

I’m writing this message to express my sincere thanks to the Trust and its offer to spend one month in London which was very wonderful and very useful for my academic study.

During this month I have finished collecting most of the data for my PhD research in the library of the Department of Ancient Egyptian and Sudan at the British Museum.

I spent many interesting times visiting different kinds of museums which is very beneficial for my work as a curator. I also visited many new places which I had dreamed of visiting one day, and made many new friends in London and Oxford.

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Mai in Dr Anderson’s music room in the Kensington house

Throughout the month of July which I spent in the Trust’s house in Kensington, I was very comfortable in the room and with all the friendly people living there. I want to thank everyone very much for their help during the month I spent in London. I’m very grateful and really appreciate your help.

Finally, I want to thank the Trust very much for the financial support it provided.

Finally, I want to say that this month has had a great impact on my academic studies and my career at the museum, and my life experience. I am really grateful for everything and I wish to go back again!

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In the library of the Dept of Ancient Egypt & Sudan at the British Museum