Marta Arranz Cárcamo

The Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust provided me with the opportunity of being a part of their visiting scholars’ programme in September 2019. The scholarship allowed me to conduct part of my PhD research in the field of the Egyptian Iconography and the nature and images of the snake-divinities.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-10 at 18.01.36
Marta in the study room in the Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan at the British Museum (photo courtesy of the Dept.)

During this time, I was accommodated at the Trust’s house located in Kensington in the city center of London, and was able to enjoy all the facilities the house provides. The neighbourhood and the great atmosphere within the house offered a friendly and peaceful experience after a busy and hard day of working at the museums and libraries in the city.

My research during this month primarily focused on the iconography of some serpent-goddesses, based on the study of several pieces in the Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan at the British Museum, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. My analyses were complemented by bibliographical research in the libraries of the Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan at the British Museum, and at UCL, and the Ricardo Caminos Memorial Library of the Egypt Exploration Society.

In relation to my work, the stay in London provided me with the opportunity to work with the pieces at first-hand and to have access to these different libraries, which is vital for the development of my PhD. The research I carried out in London enabled me to collect material from several important reference works, and therefore to consolidate my bibliography, which will contribute greatly to my PhD thesis.

This opportunity was one of the most productive and rewarding, since this kind of research is not possible in my home country (Spain). The stay in London also allowed me to join the 2019 Annual Egyptological Colloquium at the British Museum, which was a great opportunity to attend different talks and meet some Egyptological friends.

I want to finish with all my gratitude and deepest thanks to Dr. Chris Naunton, director of The Robert Anderson Trust, for all facilities and help, but especially for his kindness  and warm hospitality, which made this visit a memorable one.