Michal Kuzminski Nov 2019 ED

Thanks to the generosity of The Robert Anderson Trust I was able to spend the month of November in London, which was a wonderful experience. I am extremely grateful for the hospitality of the Trust and all the help provided, which made my stay both fruitful and enjoyable. Above all I was very pleased to have access to the resources of the British Library, the Library of The Institute of the Classical Studies and the Library of The Warburg Institute. In fact, The Library of The Warburg Institute with its vast collection of publications on iconography and engraved gems proved to be the most important place during my scholarship. I was able to find there many books and articles unavailable in Poland and invaluable for my research.

With the help of the Trust I was also able to meet several specialists in my field and discuss with them certain issues of my research. So, I was able to go to Oxford University and attend the Gemstones Workshop organised by Dr Claudia Wagner; in addition to that, I was given an opportunity to study certain gems (related to the collection I work on) from The British Museum and consult on them with Dr Ross Thomas, Curator of The Department of Greece and Rome. Naturally, my research benefited greatly from these encounters.

The month’s stay in London enabled me also to acquaint myself with the astonishing collections of ancient art in The British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum as well as The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Indeed, the scholarship affords a unique opportunity to study the masterpieces which are essential for one’s intellectual formation in the field of archaeology.

The accommodation offered by the Trust in the Highgate house is also marvellous. Located in a picturesque and peaceful neighbourhood, it is still conveniently connected with all locations in central London. However, the most significant highlight of that house is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which makes you feel at home from the very beginning of the stay.

And finally, I cannot miss the chance to express my deep gratitude to the host of the house, Mr Howard Davies. His remarkable willingness to help with arranging all meetings and providing access to the resources made my stay entirely successful and pleasant. It was an honour and privilege to be granted a scholarship by The Robert Anderson Trust. I am very thankful for that opportunity, which I will always remember with pleasure.