Milica Bacić

IMG_20190702_194318 ED 15in
Milica after a visit to the British Library

I cannot stress enough the value of this visit to me, professionally and personally. The research I undertook at The British Library and the UCL libraries feeds directly into my dissertation, which builds on a contrastive genre analysis of rhetorical and linguistic conventions of book blurbs in English and Serbian.

My research at the BL primarily focused on the theoretical groundwork, while the UCL (IOE & LaSS) resources enabled me to construct and digitize a substantial portion of my corpus. Therefore, I am extremely grateful to the Robert Anderson Trust for this opportunity. It was both very productive and enjoyable.

On a more personal note, I would like to thank the Trust’s coordinator, Dr. Howard Davies, for his immense assistance and hospitality at Highgate. Finally, for me as a student of English it was genuinely surreal to be walking the same streets that the great masters of English literature once walked.