Nemanja Jovancic

Nemanja Jovancic was based at the Trust’s Highgate for one month in September 2018.

I would like to express my gratitude to The Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust for providing me with the opportunity to spend three weeks in London for the purpose of academic research and professional development.

Nemanja outside the British Library

A large portion of my visit was dedicated to conducting research and gathering data for the preparation of a research paper entitled “From Shakespeare and Milton to Brexit: The Idea of Englishness, Revisited”. The paper is intended to examine the evolution of the English national identity (or ‘Englishness’), from the notions initially presented through the works of literature of the 16th and 17th century (primarily the works of William Shakespeare and John Milton) to the contemporary idea of Englishness, with reference to the most recent events revolving around Brexit. During my stay, I conducted most of my in-depth research in the British Library, where I had access to valuable resources otherwise unavailable to me. Other aspects of my research were carried out through visits to relevant academic institutions, museums, libraries, and other organisations of interest.

I believe this visit has helped me learn more about the cultural and historical heritage, literature, and national identity of the English people. I would like to express special gratitude to Mr. Howard Davies, whose hospitality, as well as his unique insights into the British literature, history, culture, and educational system, helped make me leave the Highgate house richer for one invaluable experience.

Finally, I expect the visit to London with the Trust to improve my career prospects and serve as a perfect preparation for the continuation of my academic career, in relation to my plans of pursuing a PhD in English Literature in the near future.

I would definitely recommend The Robert Anderson Charitable Trust to every aspiring young scholar looking to further their academic research.

A visit to the British Museum