Nikolay Pavlevchev

Nikolay was based at the Trust’s Highgate house during September 2019.

Nikolay Pavlevchev ED

With this letter I would like to express my gratitude to the Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust.

During my three-week stay I had the opportunity to explore a huge amount of foreign legal literature. During my stay I visited two libraries. The Library of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is a real treasure for the legal researcher. The library is extremely rich not only in British academic works but also in texts from all over the world. My work there was fruitful: I could study basic legal texts on the scope of English Company and Insolvency Law, and that helped me a lot in making a comparison between Continental and Common law solutions of the problem concerning termination of the debtor’s participation in commercial companies due to insolvency. I also had the chance to explore the literature on Italian, Spanish and Portuguese Commercial and Insolvency Law. Bearing in mind that Italian Law is one of the bases of Bulgarian Commercial and Insolvency Law, this study opened up the possibility of giving a fuller interpretation to the legal texts concerning the topic of my PhD thesis, supported by conclusions reached by reading works relating to Spanish and Portuguese Law, which are from the same legal family. The Library of University College London is strong on Commercial law. During my work there I deepened my knowledge about the English Corporate system and the Insolvency system, especially the procedure for winding up a company and its assets.

Without the Trust’s support this “scientific adventure” would have been impossible. Thanks to the Trust I managed to undertake a period of solid comparative research, indispensable for my PhD thesis.

As this was my first visit to London I felt the atmosphere of the megalopolis, visited the main points of interest and got acquainted with British culture and history. Also I spent the three weeks at the inspiring historic house of the Trust in Highgate village. I would like to express my special gratitude to the Trust’s coordinator, Mr Howard Davies, for his kindness and hospitality, and the help he provided during these three weeks.

I definitely recommend the Trust for every scholar who is motivated to undertake a scientific research abroad!