Pavlos P. Antonatos

Dr Pavlos Antonatos was the first visitor to stay at the Highgate house in 2019

Outside the British Museum

The Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust provided me with the opportunity to visit London as their guest in April 2019 in order to carry out post doctoral research in my chosen field of archaeology.

I was accommodated at one of the Trust’s properties in Highgate Village, a district of north London. The house was friendly, relaxed and peaceful, and offered a stunning environment that provided an important counter-balance after a hard day’s work, which many seek but few find.

The Trust’s house in Highgate

Many libraries to which I had access, such as the Warburg library, the library of the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum, the British library and that of the V&A were particularly well stocked with old and rare books, catalogues, monographs, articles and periodicals very important and extremely useful for my research. Of them all, the Warburg library proved to be the best place to study in peace and quiet.

The Trust’s representative received me in person and made all necessary introductions and arrangements for accessing specialist libraries and museum curators.

The Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust is the right address for researchers looking for a serious academic environment and for a great opportunity to meet scholars from all over the world.

I would like to thank all the Trustees, but above all the Coordinator Mr D H Davies for everything he has done for me during my stay in London.

Dr Pavlos P. Antonatos, Archaeologist of the Greek Ministry of Culture
Athens, 04.V.2019