Tatjana Kuznicov

Tatjana visited during July and August 2022 to work on her PhD thesis on ‘‘Stylistic analysis and artistic origin of Ramesside period funerary stelae’ and stayed at the Trust’s house in Kensington.

Thanks to the Robert Anderson Trust I had the opportunity of being a part of their visitors’ programme during August 2022. First of all, I am very grateful for the Trust’s generosity and all the support provided, which made my stay worthwhile and pleasant. This scholarship helped me to conduct an important part of my PhD project on Egyptian stelae and provenance.

Tatjana in the library of the Department of ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum.

During my stay in London I collected published literature relevant to my research in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum, and at UCL. By using their library facilities I collected rare excavation reports, articles, numerous important books that were published in limited numbers, and old maps and manuscripts. I also managed to explore and save necessary data from all the existing Museum catalogues around the world that contain collections of stelae. By doing this I have finished building a body of material that I will analyse for my thesis.

Apart from working at the museums and libraries, I was fortunate to meet colleagues from Egypt who were also resident at the Trust’s house located in Kensington. We became really good friends and will collaborate in the future. The location of the house, as well as the accommodation itself, was spectacular. I felt like I was living in a museum or part of a movie. Moreover, the most important feature of the house was a very friendly atmosphere which made me feel like I was at home. I would also like to thank Dr Chris Naunton for his warm hospitality. I truly feel like I became a part of Trust’s family.