Application Form – full list of questions

The 2018 application form is available here. The full list of questions which candidates are asked to complete is as follows. (All questions marked with an asterisk* are mandatory).

Section 1

Email address*

Section 2 – Personal Details

First name(s)*
Last name(s)*
Date of birth*

Section 3 – Studies

If you have completed your studies, please enter your highest completed degree (e.g. PhD), university and faculty / department at which you completed the degree, your research project / thesis title, and the completion date in the ‘Expected completion date’ box.

Studies: field of research*
Studies: university and faculty / department at which you are studying*
If you have completed your studies please enter university and faculty / department at which you completed your highest degree

Studies: current degree programme*
E.g. ‘MA in Egyptology’. If you have completed your studies please enter your highest completed degree (e.g. PhD) etc…

Research project / thesis title*
Programme start date*
Expected completion date*
Brief details of any relevant degrees you have completed previously (e.g. ‘BA in Archaeology (2010)’)

Section 4 – Employment (if applicable)

Current job title
Institution and department where you are employed
Brief description of your duties (no more than 50 words)
Brief details of any previous employment relevant to the application

Section 5 – Your proposed visit to London

Which months during 2019 would be suitable for your visit?*
Would you be able to take up an award if financial assistance was NOT made available to you?*
The Trust provides £150 to all successful candidates to assist with the costs of travel within London. Additional funds of up to £850 (grand total £1,000) may be provided to assist candidates who would otherwise not be able to take up an award. The Trust cannot otherwise cover additional any additional costs e.g. of flights, subsistence etc.

Guidance on the following three questions is available here.

Please describe the research you intend to undertake in London. Include details of any academic institutions or colleagues you intend to visit, conference or other events you would like to attend, or collections you intend to study etc.*

Why do you need to visit London for your research? What would you NOT be able to achieve if you were unable to spend time in London?*

Where would like to be in five years’ time? How will the research you plan to undertake in London help you in your aims?*

Section 6 – Letter of Support

After you have submitted your application please send a letter of recommendation from a tutor or supervisor by e-mail to: In order that we can identify the letter with the correct application please include your name as it appears on the form above in the body of your e-mail.